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Get answers, to all your questions related to website designing by experts at NO COST within 24 HOURS.

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  • What is Flexi Websites?
  • Flexi Websites are the best-in-quality, cost-effective, customized website designing packages designed and delivered by professionals. Every Flexi website is search engine, social media and all device (desktop, mobile and tablet) friendly. You also get free email-based consultancy regarding online strategy and social media marketing.

    For more details about Flexi Websites, visit Flexi Websites - What / Why & Who

  • There are many other website creation services - from US$25/ month to freelancers offering it at much cheaper rates. Are your plans, starting at US$449, really cost-effective web designing?
  • You are right. The service you are referring to could be some form of DIY (Do It Yourself) service. Or, in case of freelance web designers, they might simply offer ready-to-use templates and upload them. They would have little focus on aspects like all device compatibility, search engine compatibility, etc. They might also not offer services like domain booking, domain maintenance, website hosting, and email ids.

    At Flexi Websites, we are offering customized, professional quality cost-effective websites designed to perform seamlessly across platforms, devices, and search engines. We offer graphic components that are ready to be posted on social media sites. In addition, we offer support and services delivered by humans (and not automated response systems) aimed at resolving your queries and not simply billing you every month.

    Now, if you compare, we are sure it is not possible by others to match our price because we are giving you more by charging you less.

  • Does Flexi Websites not use readymade templates?
  • One needs to understand how things work in the open source world. In order to save cost there are readymade templates that can be copy pasted. Then, there are high-level professional quality website templates that come at a cost and need to be customized as per a client’s needs.

    We imbibe the best of both the approaches. We rely neither on free templates nor on the paid ones. Our focus is to understand the client’s needs and to ascertain which of the re-usable code comes closest to your needs and requirements.

    Once we establish a match, we extensively modify the code and design to suit your needs and achieve search engine friendliness as well as device compatibility.

    Depending on your budget and the plan, we offer the best solution suited to your needs. We ensure that we live up to our promise of delivering nothing short of a best-in-quality, cost-effective website designing you expect from us.

  • If you say that others use templates, how can you afford unique designs at the rates you are offering?
  • Refer to FAQ 3 above and the detailed clarification on Why Flexi Websites. Visit Flexi Websites - What / Why & Who.

    Having said this, we hold vast web designing experience. We have delivered thousands of websites to clients from all over the world. In these years, we have developed a professional website designing process, automated/ semi-automated backend tasks in the designing phase, developed reusable code in our library and put together a team of our experts. These things have helped us reduce the development costs considerably. We simply pass these benefits to you.

  • Do you provide multiple design options? What about the changes we need?
  • Please read the process we follow for the details. We have a proven designing process that ensures that we deliver almost 80% of your requirement (if you were very clear while filling up the design clarification form). Further, we can incorporate up to 3 changes (i.e. original + 3 versions built on the original option). These are just guidelines to restrict users who are not clear on what they want or are overly demanding. Ideally, your satisfaction is important to us.

  • Who writes the content and what about the images?
  • You understand your business better than we do. Hence, you need to send us the final text and images related to your products and services. General images might be arranged by us from our library. However, if you have specific image requirements, you need to inform us and we can refer a source for stock images. If you wish, we can connect you to a third party content writing agency or photography experts. Please note that we can start the project only after we receive the complete text and images. Please refer to the process we follow for additional details.

  • Does your site contain a CMS or do I need to come back to you every time I want to make small changes? If yes, how do you charge?
  • We do not charge you for anything that requires up to 30 minutes of changes a month. Things like change in phone number, change in description of product (just copy / paste) or change of an image (copy / paste). This gives you 12 small changes in a year (maximum once a month). In case you want to add newer pages or have a lot of changes, you can send us your requirements and we will come back to you with a cost for the same.

    In case you need it, a CMS can be provided at an additional cost. Based on our 2 decades of experience, we believe that you will not need a CMS unless you are going to change the static content of your site very frequently, or if you have more then 75-100 pages in your website.

    The unique selling point of Flexi Websites is that you focus on your business and we help you manage and maintain your website.

  • Is it compulsory for me to be only with you until I decide to run a site? What If I want to hand over my website to some other agency?
  • This is why we call it Flexi Websites. No Setup Fee, No Binding Contracts. Based on the plan you buy, we customize a site and at the end of the process, we hand over the full site, along with the source code. You are free to engage other agencies.

  • How many days does it require to go live if I sign a contract with you today?
  • This depends on the plan you opt for, and the number of images/pages you want to have on your site. For a small static site having 5 to 25 pages, it takes 7-15 working days to go live. It also depends on how prompt you were in sending us the content, images, and the feedback.

  • Will my site be all devices & all browsers compatible?
  • That is one of the USPs of Flexi Websites. At one simple cost, you get all device, all browser compatible website. In addition, we optimize it for search engines and provide additional graphic component to decorate your FB, Twitter, and YouTube pages for achieving a uniform design. All this in a single plan!

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