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Get answers, to all your questions related to website designing by experts at NO COST within 24 HOURS.

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  • What about the hosting space? Will you book it or do I need to arrange it myself?
  • All our plans are inclusive of domain booking, hosting, email IDs for one year, website designing, and search engine optimization. Hence, you need not worry about Website Hosting Space. We will book it for you and also send you annual reminders for renewal.

  • I won’t need hosting space as I have already booked the same.
  • Sure. In this case, we will discount the relevant amount from the total cost of the plan opted by you. Once the site is designed, we will need the FTP login details to upload the site. If you have the required knowledge and resources for hosting the site, we will send you the steps, else you can share the FTP details and we will do the needful.

  • It is interesting that you take care of everything. Is it possible to transfer the hosting I have booked with other registrar to you? Or vice versa? What happens if in the future, I want to transfer my hosting space to another website designing company?
  • Transfer of hosting involves two steps:

    Step 1 Changing Pointing to new hosting space using Domain Control Panel Password

    Step 2 Migrating data from current hosting space to the new space you are booking.

    In case you need us to manage the hosting, we will need the Domain Control Panel Password and the FTP details. In case you are moving out, you need to download the data from our hosting space and hand it over to the new ISP for them to upload. In either case, our support team will be available to guide you through the steps to follow for a smooth transit to or from another hosting provider.

  • In case you book the hosting space for me, does the ownership of hosting space remain with you or me?
  • Ownership of a domain is more important than that of the hosting space. For hosting, what one needs is an FTP access detail to upload the website and to carry out minor changes. In our case, if you have opted for a single plan, we take care of everything. On a formal request, we can hand over the FTP access details. Alternatively, in the future, if you decide to migrate, we can provide you the FTP access details.

  • What about renewal?
  • Renewal of hosting is a yearly activity. Our system sends you reminders (maximum 3 reminders – 1 month, 15 days, and 1 week in advance). If you do not confirm, it automatically goes into the deletion mode. Please note that these are the rules laid down by our ISP. Advance payment is must to book or renew hosting space.

  • What happens to the data if I don’t renew the hosting space?
  • As suggested, you can always request for the source of the site and download the data before your hosting expiry. Once you decided not to renew hosting space, your data is deleted from our backup, the server backup, and from the live hosting space. Hence, before you plan to migrate, we recommend that you backup your data to avoid loss.

  • Can I renew the hosting space for multiple years?
  • Yes, if you wish you can book the hosting space for multiple years. Talk to our representative and inform them the number of years for which you would like to book your hosting space.

  • Can I just book Hosting Space with you?
  • Technically yes. However, our plans are made for those who want everything under one roof. Talk to our representative about your requirement. We will guide you towards the best possible hosting solution for your needs.

  • Can I make multiple domains point to one single site you design and host for us?
  • Technically yes. However, we do not recommend it.

  • How much hosting space will my site need? How much space are you offering me?
  • Although a small static website does not need more than 10 MB of space, we will provide you a minimum of 100 MB space without setting up a quota, which is used by the email ID provided to you. It is expected that you will download the email daily and keep the hosting space free (once you download the emails, they are deleted from the server). We recommend that as a backup, you can use the auto-forward facility to forward emails to email IDs and space provided by other email providers.

  • What if, for some reason, my hosting space is full?
  • The possibility is rare as we do not set a quota so that your site is not affected. In case we notice that your usage is touching the allowed limit, we will check and delete unwanted data (if any) with your permission. However, if you feel that you really need the extra space, we recommend that you invest towards purchasing the extra space.

  • What is the possibility of the site going down?
  • There are no possibilities. We host websites for thousands of clients from all over the world. Our web hosting services are managed by an organization with almost 2 decades of experience. In very rare situations, like when there is sea cable cut or other problems due to natural calamities or unexpected hardware failure, the server might be down. However, our ISP is equipped to resolve the issues and be back online within the shortest possible time. Unavoidable scheduled maintenance (if any) is informed to the client in advance.

  • What about backup?
  • Your static site is stored on our local server until the time you keep renewing it with us. We also take a regular backup from the servers. In addition, we can also hand over the source code to you (or give you the steps to download the same). However, we strongly recommend that you download your emails at regular intervals (instead of stacking them up on the server) and take local backup.

  • What about the support I need related to web hosting?
  • We are located at Mumbai (India) and have set up an advanced ticketing system for addressing the problems that our client might face. Once you raise a ticket, you can expect a response within 24 hours. In addition, we monitor our servers 24x7 and in case of an issue, the maintenance work commences on top priority.

  • My previous ISP holds me responsible for virus on the hosting space? What is your policy for the same?
  • If you request for the FTP details from us, you have to manage the same. Instead of fixing the blame, it is best to be aware of how to handle the situation and the precautions to take. Normally, if a virus-infected machine is used to access the server, the malicious software can pick up the FTP details and gain access to your site to post, delete, or edit content.

    We can guide you towards removal of the virus from your desktop and lead you to run a free utility. We then change/kill the passwords (after your permission). We then restore the files from the virus-free backup, and recommend you not to store FTP passwords on your machine and input them only when you decide to migrate.

  • Do I have a restriction on the data transfer / bandwidth usage or email usage?
  • Yes, there are restrictions. However, the plan what we have fit in is based on our knowledge of more than 15 years. Hence, the plan that you have opted does not exceed limits unless it is infected by virus. We do not set quotas, but only monitor the situation. Only if required, we ask you to upgrade your plan. Rest assured we will always be there to guide you and explain the options for your needs.

  • I feel you provide less space at more rates compared to the other ONLY HOSTING service providers? Why?
  • We provide you the RIGHT SPACE AT THE RIGHT RATE. Other hosting service providers offer you unlimited space at limited rates knowing well that you would never utilize that space. Even if you do, thousands of their other users might not. You can compare that to a buffet lunch / dinner offer.

    More importantly, these hosting spaces are not managed. You need to personally solve any problem that arises. Of course, you can talk to their support team but it takes technical knowledge to raise a ticket and understand the solution before finally implementing it.

    As suggested, website designing and maintenance includes multiple tasks. Hosting is only one part of it. If there is a virus on your site, they put it off and suggest that you remove the virus-infected code and until such time, your site stays offline. In contrast, we manage everything – from site loading to taking a virus-free backup.

    Please note that it is the right space managed by us at the right “one plan cost” that takes care of everything and not ONLY HOSTING!

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