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  • What about domain booking?
  • All our plans by default include domain booking, hosting, and email IDs for one year along with website designing and search engine optimization. You need not worry about booking a domain. We will book it for you and also send reminders for your domain renewal next year.

  • What if I already booked a domain?
  • No problem at all. We will discount the domain booking cost from the listed cost of the plan you opted for. We might need to carry on some changes on your domain control panel. We can send you the steps or you can share the domain control panel details with us and we will do the needful.

  • It is interesting that you take care of everything. Is it possible to transfer the domain I have booked with other registrar to you? Or Vice-a-versa? What if in the future, I want to transfer my domain to another website designing company?
  • We do not restrict domain coming into our control or going out from our control. The idea is to help you manage everything related to your website’s designing and maintenance. Technically, transferring a domain is very much possible. However, while transferring, the current provider should give permission for transfer. If it is coming to us, you need to approach your current provider and if it going out from us we will issue permission to transfer based on your written request.

  • If you book the domain for me, does the ownership of the domain remain with you or comes to me?
  • It is very important that one should own the domain personally. We only act as an agency to book it for you. While booking a domain, we request for details like Registrant Name (Company or Individual), Address, Phone Number, and Valid Alternate email ID. In addition, there are other details like Billing and Technical. In case we are booking and maintaining your domain, the billing and admin details will be ours. However, at all times, you will be the Registrant and the owner.

    The person who has the domain control panel password can change these details at any time. After the full payment is made, on your request, we can EMAIL those details to the ID registered with us.

  • What about domain renewals?
  • Domains need to be renewed every year. Our system sends you reminder (maximum 3 – 1 Month, 15 days, and a week in advance). If you don’t confirm the renewal, your domain automatically goes into the deletion mode. Please note that these rules are set by the ISP with whom we book the domains. Hence, in order to remain stress free, a timely renewal payment is recommended.

  • Can I renew the domain for multiple years?
  • Yes. If you wish, you can book the domain for multiple years. Talk to us and we will inform you about the price for the number of years for which you would like to book the domain.

  • Can I book multiple domains?
  • Technically yes. However, our plans include only one domain. In case you want to book additional domains, you can do that for an additional cost.

  • Can you help me book country specific domain like .in, .uk. .ae, .sg, etc.?
  • Send us the country extensions for which you want to book the domain(s). We will check the availability and confirm the cost. In most cases we can help you do the needful, except for special domains which might have restricted access or are governed by specific rules set by the government of that country.

  • After running for site like say for 3 months, can I change the domain?
  • Technically yes. However, it is not recommended, especially if your site has been indexed by a search engine spider. In case you still want to change the domain, it can be done at an additional cost. We can change the pointing of your site from the existing to the newly booked domain.

  • Can I book multiple domains and point them all to a single site you designed for us?
  • Technically yes. However, again for search engine performance, we recommend against it.

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