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  • How many email IDs do you provide? What is the space allocated to each ID?
  • Depending on the plan you select, we provide 3 to 5 email IDs. We do not setup a quota for individual accounts. A combined space is allocated with your hosting and comes as a part of the plan you opted for. It could be from 250 MB to 1 GB. We strongly recommend that you keep the email space free by downloading it regularly or forwarding to an alternate ID.

  • What if I need additional email IDs?
  • Normally we charge US$10 per ID per year. However, if you need bulk email IDs, talk to us. Based on your requirements, we will guide you towards the best and the most cost-effective solution.

  • Do I get web access or can I check my email through a web browser (instead of downloading it on my desktop)?
  • Technically yes. You also can check your email directly through a web browser. However, we strongly recommend keeping email space free by downloading it regularly on your desktop.

  • How do I setup an email account on my desktop?
  • When you select a plan and send us the IDs you want to create, our team will send you the instructions to setup email on your desktop. You can use email client like outlook, thunderbird, mac mail, etc.

  • Can I also setup the Email ID on my smartphone?
  • Yes. You can setup emails on your phone too. This can work in synchronization with email on the server.

  • Can I Add, Edit, or Delete my email IDs without approaching your support? Can I change the password?
  • If you wish we can give you the control panel login details. If not, you can send us a request from your registered email ID with us and we will do the needful. The choice is yours.

  • What is a Catch-all account? Do you provide the same?
  • There is special account wherein comes to a common account. Hence, you can give any number of email IDs to your clients, because at the backend, every email lands into one inbox. For e.g. you can have email IDs like,,, and all the emails received on these IDs will come to one catch-all account.

  • Is it possible that I host the site with you but let my current email provider maintain the email?
  • Yes, technically it is possible. We will need to change the setting in the domain. Write to us and we will guide you for the same.

  • What if I face any problem while sending and receiving emails?
  • There could be many reasons for the same. If the problem is from the server side, we will try to resolve it ASAP. However, sometimes, a virus on your machine keeps sending a lot of spam this forces the system to block your account. In this case, you need to send us a request for reviving your account.

    We are located at Mumbai (India) and have setup an advanced ticketing system for addressing the problem that our client might face. Once you raise a ticket, you can expect a response within 24 hours. If your complaint is received during our office hours, we immediately rectify it. In addition, we auto-monitor our servers 24x7; in case of an issue, the maintenance work commences immediately.

  • Do you provide SPAM filter?
  • Yes. We can provide the service on request. We can activate the basic SPAM filters that are a part of your plan.

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